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Ozone Agrow Global DMCC, DMCC Coffee Centre,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Passionate Coffee Growers

We have been growing coffee for three generations. Now all our coffee estates adopt sustainable farming

Sustainably grown Specialty Coffee & Coffee products Company

We are A Farm to cup coffee company delivering high-end Premium coffee

Our 6 Estates, deliver the highest quality of green Arabica beans.

3800 acres of coffee plantations with 300 years of Farming expertise

About Us

Ozone Agrow

Sustainably Grown Specialty Coffee related Products Company 

Ozone Agrow is a Farm to cup coffee company delivering high-end coffee under the brand “Bean Story” to consumers looking for specialty single Origin coffee. Our verticals include Coffee Beverages, Coffee Cosmetics and Coffee Nutraceutical products. 


For centuries we have grown coffee in the hill tracts of the Western Ghats, South India, known for its rich biodiversity and breathtaking beauty.

Now we are taking our love, knowledge, and expertise in growing and processing coffee outside India too.

After thorough research, we have found, that the scenic Bolaven Plateau in Laos is a perfect supplement to our Indian coffee offerings.

The world is increasingly looking for premium specialty coffee, so the demand is changing from mass production towards single estate specialty coffee.

All of our estates are managed by dedicated senior coffee specialists from India, that oversee the quality of soil, the plants and also are in charge of training the coffee pickers and other staff at the estates.

We mostly do wet milling, but our Laos estates also deliver limited quantities of naturals.

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