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Ozone Agrow Global DMCC, DMCC Coffee Centre,
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About Beanstory

Single Origin Goodness

Serving the Best Sustainably Grown Specialty Grade Arabica Coffee from the Exotic Scenic Bolaven Plateau in Laos.

Proudly Made in the UAE

We Are A Farm to Cup Coffee Company.
The Difference is they are our Own Farms.

We are 300-year traditional and passionate coffee growers with over 1500 hectares of coffee estates located in Laos, and India, delivering high-end coffee under the brand “BeanStory” to consumers looking for specialty Single Origin Arabica Coffee. Our verticals include Coffee Beverages, Coffee Cosmetics and Coffee Nutraceutical Products.

We are passionate about bringing to you roast & ground coffees of the highest pedigree sourced directly from our own plantations, curated with love and care throughout its journey from farm to cup.

Sustainable Coffee

Premium Arabica Coffee



Our prized coffee beans are ranked among the very best coffee scenic Bolaven plateau bordered by the Annamite mountain ranges. The high elevation, fertile volcanic soil, ambient temperature, and ample rainfall make it very suitable for growing high-quality Arabica Coffee.

Let’s help you with where and how to buy the best coffee beans. Freshness is HUGE when buying whole bean coffee. We are a complete coffee solutions provider.

We offer Green Coffee Beans, Roasted Coffee Beans, White/Private Labelling, and an exclusive range of Ground,  Instant and other range of Coffee Beverages.

Our Products
Mesmerising Aroma
Beanstory Facts

Why Choose Us

Climate Controlled Store

Our green bean coffee storage facility at DMCC Coffee Centre is fully air-conditioned as storage plays important role

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Hot Air Roasting

Hot air roasting, the coffee beans float on a bed of hot air keeping the beans at a consistent temperature throughout.

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No Human Contact

Dry Milling, Color Sorting, Roasting, Grinding and Packaging – there is Zero Human Contact to ensure Hygiene Products

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Grow Our Own Coffee

Coffee used in Beanstory is 100% Arabica and grown in one of our three farms in Scenic Bolaven Plateau in Laos

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Harvest Ripe Cherries

To ensure sweeter and more complex flavors we do multiple harvests picking the cherries as they ripen.

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Sustainable Farming

Sustainability has a direct impact and contribution to the value that we create, our future, and our growth.

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Sustainability has a direct impact and contribution to the value that we create, our future and growth. It is our constant endeavour to always reconcile, mitigate and recover any impact of our operations on the environment and local communities.

FARM Naturally

In our farms, our pickers will harvest only the ripe cherries. This ensures sweeter, more complex flavors in the cup as the sugars will have had a longer time to develop. We do multiple harvests picking the cherries as they ripen.

Other Services

We Help You Grow


Coffee Consultancy

Love the idea of launching a Coffee Business but don’t know where to start? We are here to help


Buy Green Coffee

Looking for Green coffee for home roasting, bulk sales, export to other countries, look no further


Channel Partner

Interested in franchising Beanstory in your Country or Region? Or sell our brand in your retail outlet or online?


White Label

Private Label Coffee. Your brand. Your Coffee. Backed by industry leaders and coffee professionals.

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