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Ozone Agrow Global DMCC, DMCC Coffee Centre,
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About Beanstory

Single Origin Goodness

Bean Story, UAE’s most Premium Single Origin Coffee – From Laos, Made in UAE.

Bean Story is a Farm to Cup coffee company delivering high-end coffee products in the form of Roast and Ground coffees as well as Instant coffees to consumers looking for specialty Single Origin Coffee.

Premium Beans

Beanstory products are produced only by using the finest 10% Arabica coffee grown sustainably in our farms in Laos. The beans are pre-selected using the latest technology to get the most premium yeild.

Harvest Ripe Cherries

Did you know, in our farms, our pickers will harvest only the ripe cherries? This ensures sweeter, more complex flavors in the cup as the sugars will have had longer time to develop. We do multiple harvests picking the cherries as they ripen.

Offering 4 different ground coffee powders and 1 premium roasted coffee bean and 2 varieties of soluble instant coffee.

High Tech Machinery

Did you know that our processing & production is based in Dubai?

We are partnered with DMCC Coffee Center using their state-of-the-art technology for packaging and storage of our coffees under Climate Controlled Warehouses.

We are privileged to partner with Karam Coffee, for manufacturing our entire range of Roasted and Ground Coffees.

Since we do everything locally, we produce in small batches so our customers experience fresh aromatic coffee always.

You Get The Best Beans

Did you know that we have state of art coffee processing units across all our estates?

After careful processing of the beans at the farm gate, they are then dry milled, polished, and sorted grade-wise.

We ensure that all our premium grades are imported into our warehouses in Dubai for further processing into the finished product.

The range of bean story products is tailor-made for the GCC market taking into detailed consideration the desirable flavor profile and cup for the market.

Air Roasting & Zero Human Contact

Did you know that from Dry Milling, Color Sorting, Roasting, Grinding, and Packaging – there is No human contact?

Though our coffees are handpicked at the right stage, our process all the way from farm to cup ensures zero human contact, using a wide range of fully automated and computerized processes.

With an air roaster, the coffee beans float on a bed of hot air inside the roasting chamber, keeping the beans at a consistent temperature throughout the process.

Drum roasters have inconsistent roasting, and hence some parts of the beans will tend to be over-roasted and some under roasted. Our roasting process ensures uniform roast across all our blends.

We Grow
Our Coffee

For centuries we have grown coffee and our family is been growing coffee for more than 3 generations

Only Best
Arabica Beans

10% of the best arabica beans are selected for beanstory products, coffee retail is not our business its passion

300 Years

We are taking our love, knowledge and expertise in growing and processing coffee to productions

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